7kg Butane gas bottle

Our 7kg Butane gas bottles are perfect for smaller indoor heaters.

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How do I connect this bottle?
If you’re new to using gas bottles, don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you. [Watch Video]

What is a Cylinder Refill Agreement?
Our Cylinder Refill Agreement is where we supply you with a gas bottle; you can cancel this agreement at any time by returning the bottle to us and receiving up to 70% refund. See the Cylinder Refill Agreement for full details.

Which regulator do I need?
Our handy guide can help to explain all you need to know.

More Information
Product Code 110071
Cylinder Type Small
Cylinder usage Portable Heaters
Cylinder Colour Blue
Capacity 7kg
Height 495mm
Diameter 256mm
Tare weight (empty) 7.3-10.9kg
Gross weight (full) 15-17kg
Rec. offtake (approx) 7kW

Delivery time

Deliveries can take up to 10 working days. When your order is accepted, you will receive an email containing the planned delivery date.

Delivery charges

£5 per order

Who will deliver my order?

We have a network of retailers who stock our gas bottles and deliver to our Bottle Shop customers. We'll let you know which dealer will deliver your order after placing an order.

Delivery updates

When your order is accepted, you will receive an email containing information about the dealer who will deliver the order, and when they plan to deliver it. If you have any issues or queries about delivery, please give them a call to discuss.

Delivery Instructions

If you have any specific delivery instructions, such as where you would like your order to be left, or if you have an empty bottle to be collected, where it will be located, please let us know in the "Delivery instructions" when you place your order.


When a refill is ordered, you indicate which gas bottle you have for us to collect. This bottle must be available to collect by the delivery driver or you will be charged for a cylinder refill agreement.

Delivery restrictions

For safety reasons, we're unable to deliver gas bottles to basement properties, residences above a 3rd floor or any residences in buildings with 5 floors or more.

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