Calor Lite 6kg gas cylinder
  • Calor Lite 6kg propane gas cylinder
6kg CalorLite® Propane Gas Bottle

The 6kg CalorLite®gas bottle is no longer available to purchase online. There is limited refill stock available through our network of retailers. To check specific availability in your area, contact your local Calor outlet using our helpful Find a retailer tool. You can also call Calor Gas direct 0800 662 663 if you have any specific questions about our cylinder range

Existing 6kg CalorLite customers can freely exchange their cylinder for the standard 6kg cylinder or a 3.9kg cylinder - which normally weighs slightly less than a 6kg lite when both are full. These cylinders are widely available and may be purchased online.

*Product image for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary slightly due to new Calor branding.


Customers are able to freely exchange the 6kg CalorLite propane bottle for our standard 6kg propane bottle.


Additional Information

Product code 210066
Manufacturer Calor
Cylinder Type Calor Lite
Cylinder usage Caravans and motorhomes
Cylinder Colour Red
Capacity 6kg
Gas Trac Yes
Height 487mm
Diameter 246mm
Tare weight (empty) 4.1-5kg
Gross weight (full) 10.52kg
Rec. offtake (approx.) 11Kw
Cost 0